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This chair is amazingly comfortable and I love it, especially the lumbar support, and it costs less than half of my previous Herman Miller chair. Can't go wrong with it. 5 out of 5 stars.


* A good quality office chair for long sittings.
* Adaptive and wide lumbar support make it very comfortable for long sittings.
* Back of the chair is all mesh fabric.
* Base seat is made up of breathable cushion and very comfortable for long sittings.
* Reclining backrest to relax or stretch in between the work.


Comparing with other two office chairs we own, the below three really makes it better:
(1) The sitting pad is a wider and deeper, makes the chair bigger and more comfortable.
(2) The waist support pieces are adjustable and can rises higher, you can feel the difference when sitting long hours.
(3) The head support is tilted to the right angle, it can touch your lower neck even you sit straight like those good car seat.

Sean H.

The assembled chair is lovely, it looks absolutely awesome and it’s very sturdy. It manages to hold my weight with my feet up and the back reclining. Adjusting it is simple and easy, the mesh fabric evenly distributes my weight and the footrest is actually very comfortable and sturdy (which I had reservations about).
It’s hard to find a fault with the chair other than the price, but to be honest for the level of comfort and those lovely hugging lumbar supports I don’t grudge the money at all, in fact I’d highly recommend buying it.


I spend the vast majority of my day at my desk and comfort is really important to me, the upgraded chair has the aluminium feet and spine that looks so much better than the basic model, but it also includes a footrest and armrests with better adjustability.
The chair is pretty simple to assemble, the components are all made to a very high standard and the assembled chair is sturdy and stylish.

Steven Masson