Hbada New Ergonomic Chair---E3

Hbada New Ergonomic Chair---E3
Hbada attitude towards each generation of ergonomic chairs is to get rid of the trash, take the essence, and carry out research and development simultaneously. The R&D department of Hbada, in addition to the function of designing products, it also takes into account the upgrading of parts. Parts upgrade, committed to a safer and more convenient installation experience. At the same time, strict control is also carried out in quality inspection to ensure that the installation of each part is safe and in line with international health standards.

Medical-research cooperation, a new upgrade

E3, the main ergonomic chair series in black and white, will be launched in September 2021. Compared with traditional chairs, it has carried out technological innovation and upgrades that led to industry reform. Starting from two levels, the technical innovation design of the lumbar support center and the three support zones on the left and right flanks has realized the ideal "three-zone waist support" model. This is not a breakthrough for the ergonomic chair industry.
Hbada Ergonomic Chair E3
This time, the Hbada tone has joined many orthopedic experts to participate in the research and development so that the confrontation between ergonomics and medicine will have a fierce collision. E3's new products are tempered in the sparks of such intelligent collisions. The new E3 product launched tonight on the platform has been upgraded in two aspects based on the original. The first one is the chassis, which is iteratively updated to a synchronous tilting chassis. The E3 equipped with a synchronous tilting chassis, can bear the weight range. When it becomes more extensive, it can make adaptive adjustments according to people of different body shapes and weights, control the strength required to lean back, and adapt to and fit other people's needs for healthy sitting posture.

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